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Jasmin photographed her first conference at the age of 13 years old.

How It Started…

Ever since Jasmin could walk she would pick up the family camera and start snapping photos. There was a certain excitement and passion that constantly drove her to mess around with the family camera. No matter where she went, she would always have a camera on hand to capture precious moments. On one family trip (when she was 10 years old) her family was visiting Israel and she had set the camera to take a self-timer photo of her and her sister. Their excitement shook the table and the camera fell to the ground, causing it to tragically break. As you could imagine, her parents informed Jasmin that she could no longer touch the camera. Leaving Jasmin mortified, yet determined to continue to pursue photography. From that moment on, she saved up her own money to buy a DSLR and shot her first conference at the age of 13, followed by her first wedding at the age of 15…and the rest is history…

While at the University of Minnesota Jasmin worked at the Minnesota Daily as a photojournalist capturing different events around Minneapolis. From the roaring college crowds to the speeches of public figures such as Oprah and Bernie Sanders, her photography allowed her to have a whole different kind of college experience. Working as a photojournalist differentiates Jasmin’s photography style in the way that she captures the raw audience and pure moments of significant events. During her college breaks and throughout summers, she picked photo gigs of families, weddings, and seniors. Jasmin has trained her team of associates to capture weddings with a photojournalist approach to the day. Over the years, Jasmin has taken pictures of dignitaries, celebrities, and politicians, as well as private events, conferences, weddings, and portraits. Now she specializes in capturing the love between couples for generations to come! Photography is her source of passion and energizes her to document the special moments in people’s lives.

Photographing the University of Minnesota football game.

Capturing a Global Perspective

~Equally serving weddings in Minnesota, California, and Florida~

Jasmin grew up traveling throughout the globe to over 35 countries and interacting with people from a wide array of cultures. Her home base is out of Minneapolis, Minnesota but covers weddings coast to coast. She splits her time between serving clients in America, across Europe, and worldwide. Jasmin has always been fascinated by human connection, the fact that we each have our own unique story, background, and personality. She loves that photography can stop time for a moment with her camera and capture a small part of your life story that will one day transport you back in time. Please reach out here to connect with Jasmin.

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