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Favorite Locations in Minnesota for Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are becoming more and more popular every year. Whether you use these timeless photos for wedding invitations, thank you cards,  or holiday greetings, they will always capture such an important time in your life. There are so many different styles to choose from when planning your engagement photos. Whether you are having a wedding during covid or a small intimate wedding, it is a wonderful way to capture the beauty of a couple’s love. No matter the season, fall engagement photos, winter, or spring and summer, these spots in the city are a wonderful backdrop. 

1. Minnehaha Falls

The beautiful park known as Minnehaha falls gives a wonderful nature and lush backdrop to your engagement photos. This spot is not only popular for Minnesota photographers, but also many locals. The park is surrounded by the urban city and provides an outlet for peace and nature amongst the city hustle. The river, 53-foot waterfall, and limestone bluffs set the scene for some extraordinary shots ALONG WITH the hidden greens, and shades of blue and gray.

2. Lake Calhoun

Not only is Minnesota known for its number of lakes but its beautiful scenery. What better way to capture this wonderful land than to get your engagement shots done near Lake Calhoun. To get the best engagement photos, it’s best to choose a place that represents something you and your significant other love. Whether this is a hidden meadow and barn, or the mill city ruins. For many, the lakes hold sweet memories, and what better way to capture engagement photos than at a beautiful lake like Lake Calhoun. Some couples even jump in the lake together to capture some fabulous action shots!

3. Downtown Wayzata

This beautiful little downtown is popular among boaters, shoppers, and city go-ers. Many couples have had their summer wedding in the area because of its picturesque ambiance. There are so many different Wayzata wedding venues that also serve as great engagement photo spots. One of these great areas is the Nuremberg garden Wayzata, but you’ll also find great spots alongside lake Minnetonka. This is also a popular spot for Wayzata high school senior pictures. 

4. The Stone arch bridge

Stone arch sessions are popular and whether you capture engagement shots in the area or senior photos, the beauty of the bridge speaks for itself. You’ll often find pictures of stone arch  bridge Minneapolis on tourist sites and tripadvisor because of its beautiful landscape. With a little planning you can even schedule your engagement shots to occur during the stone arch bridge fireworks. The Minneapolis stone arch is a definite spot to consider for your engagement shoot.

5. Downtown Minneapolis

There are so many different spots within the city to capture beautiful engagement shots amongst the skyscrapers. This area is popular amongst elopement photographers given the courthouses in the area which make for a nice courthouse wedding .  if this isn’t exactly your vibe, you also get some great views from the rooftops and skyscrapers in the area. 

6. Centennial lakes

Many who choose a summer wedding to choose the centennial lakes park as their engagement photo spot! This park is a wonderful spot for walks, photos, and a beautiful summer day! The trees, buildings, and water create a beautiful backdrop for outdoor engagement photos. The gardeners do a great job with the flowers, bushes, and greenery. Along with the enchanting classical music that plays on speakers around the park. The park takes you on a journey of serenity and beauty. This might just be the perfect ambiance for engagement photos!

7. Como zoo conservatory

The japanese garden como zoo is why you’ll often see a como zoo wedding ceremony in session while visiting. If the japanese garden isn’t to your taste, the como zoo sunken garden wedding is also popular. Whether you desire the experience of a como zoo wedding or just the como zoo photography, the area and landscaper provides an airy ambiance to engagement photos. 

8. Mill city museum 

This historic spot of the mill city ruins is popular for engagement shots. The view, architecture, and story are a combo that photos do a wonderful job capturing. The mill city events are popular for both local and tourists because of its unique story and artifacts. Shooting your engagement photos here creates a historic touch of the beautiful minneapolis. 

9. Boom Island Park

No better park than Boom Island to capture both city and park ambiance! This park views the Minneapolis riverfront and cityscape whilst also capturing the raw beauty of the Minneapolis greenery. It’s one of my personal favorites because of its landscapes. There’s even a boom island lighthouse! During some seasons, if you visit at the right time, you might even witness a boom island wedding! It’s definitely a spot to consider!

Engagement Photos in Minnesota, Minnesota Engagement Photos

10. Hansen Tree Farm

Some might prefer to ditch the whole city scape and settle for something more country! The tree’s and ambiance created in this farm are right out of a fairytale! The long Christmas trees surround the are very popular during the holidays but the photos that can be captured in this area are year-round! The aesthetic varies season to season and it’s a nature hotspot for many couples.

11. Snail/Sucker Lakes Regional Park 

The pine trees and landscape in this area are SO beautiful! There are many different spots within the regional park that overlook the sunset and help capture the “woodsy” theme so many couples desire for their outdoor engagement shoot. The tall dry grass allows a more country feel to the ambiance and photos.

12. Stillwater

One of the most tourist attracted towns in Minnesota, Stillwater is home to various beautiful photoshoot spots. There are so many different areas to check out but my two favorites are St Croix Boom Site and the Downtown. St Croix Boom site is filled with super cool sandstone bluffs and a cave. Afterwards, we’ll head downtown to downtown Stillwater which is full of  cool textures around downtown, garage doors, old brick, etc!

For some overwhelmed by the number of options, it’s best to narrow it down by thinking of a location that is significant to you and your fiance. If you are planning on traveling a few months prior to the big day, explore the possibility of doing destination engagement photos. 

Deciding a spot can be difficult but don’t overthink it! Based on my experience as a photographer in the twin cities area for the past 8 years, you can have your pictures taken anywhere, it’s really more about capturing the love between the two of you and capturing this precious engagement period to look back and reflect on in years to come.

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