Los Angeles Engagement Photos by Jasmin Kemp Photography

Whether you’re a resident of Los Angeles, visiting, or on a business trip, you need engagement photos.

To help capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments, we’ve highlighted Sharon and Jeremy in Los Angeles to photograph their engagement photos.

Sharon and Jeremy’s engagement photos weren’t just shot at any location. They put a lot of thought into where they wanted their engagement photos. Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to plan your ideal date with your partner.

For their first location, we adventured off to a place in Culver City at a wine bar called Stanley’s Wet Goods. It’s one of their favorite neighborhood spots, and love a good wine bar. Stanley’s light was gorgeous seeping through the window reflecting off the different wines.

For their second location, they chose their home in Culver City just outside of the Los Angeles area. We were able to take photos in front of their front yard with a few hangout spots inside on the couch and in the kitchen. They wanted to celebrate and commemorate the first place we’ve lived together, and capturing them in their everyday element.

Why do you need engagement photos?

Lastly, when thinking about the engagement sessions I want them to full of fun memories. Your engagement session is a great way for me not only to get to know you better but also an opportunity to have a fun date! u can think of it as a date. At the end of the day, I want to capture you two for who you truly are!

Engagement photos are not only a cool way to commemorate the beginning of your love story but also a great way to let everyone know that you’re engaged. In an ever-evolving world, our world is only as beautiful as we make it, and when all of us make it beautiful and kind and giving and loving…that’s when the magic happens.

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