Wayzata Engagement Photos

It was a perfect spring day for Wayzata Engagement Photos with my lovely couple. It truly couldn’t have been a more perfect day! The spring cherry blossoms were at their peak and we had a refreshing breeze coming off lake Minnetonka.

Downtown Wayzata is a great location for engagement photos as it’s full of places to take photos. It’s right off of Lake Minnetonka which gives the quaint town the beachy feel. Additionally, the docks are full of yachts parked along the shore. Lastly, you can also grab a bite to eat after your photo session as there’s a handle of restaurants overlooking lake Minnetonka! Discover the best things to do in Wayzata, Minnesota including hiking, dining, shopping, and much more.

Once we arrived in downtown Wayzata the environment and atmosphere in was full of life. People would stop us to congratulate the happy couple and provide some fun marriage stories or advice! It truly felt like a perfect day with the perfect people to get all the spring magical goodness. I loved how there wasn’t a ton of people so we were able to get all of the photos we wanted without any distraction.

Wayzata was so unique that my couple wanted to have their wedding nearby at Earl and Winson.

Sessions filled with jokes, laughter, and having fun create the best photos! Think of your engagement session as a fun date with me third-wheeling documenting the memories!

If you are interested in booking Wayzata Engagement Photos in Minnesota, then reach out to me.

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