Laguna Beach Engagement Photos in Orange County, California

Laguna Beach Engagement Session

You may be thinking where are the best places for engagement photos in Orange county? The Montage is a stunning Laguna beach wedding venue in Orange County. Which automatically makes it a great engagement spot as well. There are so many outdoor wedding venues in Orange County but The Montage is one of the best places for wedding and engagement pictures in Orange County. If you’re looking for a wedding venue with ocean views in Southern California then Laguna Beach is your place. You’ll find above the photos from our Laguna Beach Engagement session.

The Montage, Laguna Beach

The Montage in Laguna Beach is one of my favorite locations in the world to capture beach engagement photos. Its oceanside views in southern California cannot be toped. Now you may be thinking that is a big statement. From a photography perspective shooting on the beach can be challenging, with all the direct light and limited shade. The Montage Laguna provides it all! The shape of the different rocks and coves creates optimal lighting. The Montage gives a great backdrop from above if you don’t want to tip your toes in the water and stay sand-free. For the couples, feeling more adventurous and outgoing there’s a handful of different beaches to choose from. This is important giving us the flexibility of different lighting to photograph in. Laguna Beach never disappoints as an outdoor wedding venue or engagement location.

Montage Laguna Beach is so romantic with the glowly creamy sun peaking through the rocks and the fully shaded part of the beach giving the crisp blue colors! The Montage in Laguna Beach is the best engagement location in Orange County for beach photos. You’ll get juicy sunset photos looking off to the sunset and crisp blue photos overlooking Laguna hills. 

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